Jun 28, 2022, 08:38 IST

Complete information on cricket’s newest format 6ixty launched by cricket West Indies


Cricket began with the longest format of the game, being Test Cricket. After years of test cricket being played, the game needed a facelift. This got One Day cricket into the fold as it began with 60 over games. introduction of Kerry Packer meant, that cricket saw a shorter format with 50 overs, floodlights and white cricket balls. 2002 then saw the introduction of the latest craze which is T20 cricket, which also saw a shortened format in T10, played in few parts of the world. Cricket West Indies has now come out with a new format which is called the 6ixty.

What is 6ixty?

As the name suggests there will 10 overs or 60 deliveries each team will get to play. The league could have three women’s participating teams and 6 from the men’s side. Instead of the traditional 10 wickets in the game, the teams playing in the 6ixty will get only 6 wickets, with two powerplay overs which is mandatory. If a batting team hits 2 sixes or more in the first two mandatory overs, they get a 3rd powerplay which they can choose to use between overs 3 to 9.

More action in less time?

As per the rules, one team has to use only one end to bowl the first five overs and then switch over to the other end for the final five overs. Bowlers can bowl 12 deliveries or two overs per head. In case of the overs not being bowled on time, then the fielding team loses a member.

Keeping the fans involved –

Cricket fans watching the game can also be part of the fun and drama as they get to choose a Mystery Free hit while watching the game. The entire 6ixty league is sure to be filled with fun and action right from the start to end. Cricket West Indies and Caribbean Premier League have come up with this initiative. Pete Russell who happens to the CEO of CPL spoke about the league and the likely outcomes it could have on the future. Russell said This is a hugely exciting moment for both CPL and Cricket West Indies as we create a tournament that will see cricket fans brought closer to the game. There will be world-class men’s and women’s cricketers taking part in a fantastic event for the Caribbean and this combined with cutting-edge innovations, signals a great moment for all fans of West Indian cricket.”