Updated: Aug 19, 2022, 11:11 IST

Drama! Dhanashree Varma’s curious social media activity as the netizens buzzing as Chahal and Dhanashree breaks their silence


Yuzvendra Chahal is one of the most popular Indian cricketers, as he is not only talented with the ball in hand, but also with his social media game. The lanky leg spinner got married to noted social media personality known for her dance moves in Dhanashree Varma. The two have posted adorable and funny pictures and reels together on the social media platform ever since they got married nearly two years ago. The loved couple have left the fans worried with some curious moves in the social media.

Dhanashree Varma sets the tongues wagging –

Dhanashree Varma who was using the Chahal surname suddenly dropped it from her social media handle on Instagram. This sent the social media users in a tizzy as they started to think if there was trouble in paradise between the husband and wife. Fans started trending Chahal on Twitter and there was plenty of rumors about the two.

Chahal breaks silence and issues statement –

Once the tweets and stories started to do rounds on social media, the 32 year old Indian leg spinner was quick to post a statement. Chahal said “a humble request to you all to not believe in any sort of rumors pertaining to our relationship kindly put an end to it love and light to everyone”.


Social media users get nasty –

If the changing of the surname wasn’t enough to get the tongues wagging, some of the users found it a way and means to go nasty and hit below the belt. Some social media users in particular dragged in Shreyas Iyer and tried to connect him to the situation and the rumors that have been created. Iyer had once featured on Dhanashree Varma’s video where the two were seen dancing together.

Chahal’s cryptic post –

Yuzi Chahal on Wednesday took to social media and posted a cryptic message and wrote “new life loading”. This had sent a lot of fans into a tizzy and wondering what the message could be about. While many even speculated that the duo could be ready to bring a little bundle of joy into their life.

Fans get active on social media –

Once Dhanashree Varma removed the Chahal surname from her social media handle, many fans took to twitter to have their say on the matter. You can read the tweets below.