Aug 17, 2022, 16:29 IST

Former Indian player looking for some work with BCCI after claims of insufficient pension


Board of control for cricket in India is the biggest and richest body in the world. The BCCI has been raking in the moolah since the turn of the millennium. Ever since the start of IPL and the massive money they make during the broadcasting deals makes the Indian cricket board the richest in the world. The Indian players are thus well paid across the cricket spectrum. Even the former cricketers were well paid and taken care off. all this though doesn't seem enough for a former cricketer who wants some work with the BCCI as he claims the money and pension paid by BCCI isn't enough. 

The story as it happened - 

Former Indian cricketer, Vinod kambli who made a huge splash as a youngster along with Sachin Tendulkar couldn't make his early promise shine. The left hander had to take early retirement from the game when he was dropped from the Indian team after the 2000 Sharjah series. Kambli also retired from domestic cricket in the middle of 2000's. The left hander since then has to go through lots of issues and is currently having money problems. The 50 year old former batting star has now called on ur BCCI to help him with some work as he says the pension that the Indian cricket boards pension isn't enough. 

Kambli has his say - 

Kambli at 50 is now looking for a job and while speaking to leading Mumbai tabloid the Mid -Day said "I am a retired cricketer, who is completely dependent on the pension from the BCCI. My only payment at the moment is from the Board, for which I am really thankful and grateful. I need assignments, where I can work with youngsters. I told the MCA many times that if you require me, I am there whether it is at the Wankhede Stadium or at BKC. Mumbai cricket has given me a lot.”

Kambli made his India debut in 1991 in ODI cricket and his test debut few years later. He is the only Indian batsman to score back to back double century in test cricket