Updated: Aug 13, 2022, 12:31 IST

Former international cricketer leads chorus to boycott Bollywood film


India is a land known for its tremendous love for sports and entertainment. In India there are two facets which sell like hot cake. First being cricket and the 2nd being movies. Off late the Bollywood industry has been seeing a spate of low ringers at the box office as none of the movies have done well. Amidst the doom and gloom this weekend has seen two big movies get released. One was Akshay Kumar’s “Rakshabandhan” and Aamir Khan’s official adaptation of Tom Hank’s “Forrest Gump” which has been made into “Laal Singh Chadda”.

The story as it happened –

Former English left arm spinner Monty Panesar has slammed the Aamir Khan starrer “Laal Singh Chadda” for its portrayal of the Indian army and members of a particular community. The former English test player tore into Aamir Khan and the movie in a series of Tweets. Aamir who has made a movie after 4 years has been slammed across the nation for the portrayal of the Indian army and the way it depicts the Sikh Community. There has been widespread boycott calls over the movie and the 57 year old Indian actor has seen the worst ever opening to his box office collections.

Monty Panesar’s angry tweets –

Monty Panesar who played a huge role in many England wins along with Graeme Swann first took to twitter and wrote “Forrest Gump fits in the US Army because the US was recruiting low IQ men to meet requirements for the Vietnam War. This movie is total disgrace to India Armed Forces Indian Army and Sikhs !!Disrespectful. Disgraceful. #BoycottLalSinghChadda”.

Panesar slams the portrayal of Sikh community –

Not only has Aamir Khan shown the Indian army in distasteful light, he has also antagonised the Sikh Community with his portrayal in the movie. Many have slammed the “Method Actor” for the way he has portrayed the community with his antics in the movie. Panesar took to twitter to list out the various honours that the Sikh Community has won in India. Monty Panesar also slammed the makers of the movie in a third tweet when he wrote “Aamir plays a moron in Laal Singh Chadda… forest gump was a moron too.. disrespectful disgraceful.. #BoycottLalSInghChadda #BoycottLaalSIngh”