Updated: Jan 27, 2023, 18:59 IST

Indian Cricket: AB De Villiers reveals the likely reason for India’s non participation in overseas leagues


Indian Premier League began in 2008 after India won the first ever World T20 tournament in 2007. The Indian team which won the title in South Africa brought a revolution as franchise cricket became the new normal. Since the inception of IPL. Many other countries have tried to replicate what BCCI have done. Be it the Big Bash League, PSL, CPL or the newest two leagues SA20 and ILT20, they have tried to work on the same formula that has worked out for BCCI and the TATA IPL.

The story so far –

TATA IPL attracts a lot of big names to play in the league but there is one thing missing when it comes to overseas leagues. The participation of the Indian players has been barred by the BCCI. This has been done in a bid to protect the brand of IPL and exclusivity of the Indian players.

AB De Villiers reveals likely reason for BCCI’s stance –

Former South African batting legend AB De Villiers is an huge rage in India. ABD as he is fondly called played his first 3 years for Delhi before moving south to Bangalore for the RCB unit. Speaking to leading news agency PTI, ABD said “I would love to see it happening very soon but you don’t see Indian players being released for leagues around the world. So I don’t know if that will ever change. And rightfully so. I mean, the BCCI has a very clear plan with the players, they want to win World Cups”

ABD understands BCCI’s stance –

TATA IPL is always seen as a platform for players to stake claim or make a comeback to the Indian side. One good season in the IPL, the players are picked up for national duties in the white ball formats. The case of Harshal Patel in particular is well known as one standout season in 2021 for RCB got him a place in the Indian team that year.

Speaking more on this stance, ABD had an understanding tone on BCCI’s reluctance to let their players play in overseas leagues. ABD said “They want to make sure the players have the exposure they need and obviously there’s no league better than than the IPL. Once some of the leagues maybe knock on their door, you never know”