Oct 1, 2022, 10:44 IST

Journalist calls out Jos Buttler over the mankading issue with a series of tweets


Deepti Sharma, the Indian Women’s cricketer has been in the eye of the storm for a while now. Her run out of Charlotte Dean has split the opinions of the cricketing world. Sharma’s run out is now legal under the purview of ICC and MCC. The opinions and thoughts of spirit of the game still lingers. One of the biggest propagators of this is none other than Jos Buttler.

The story as it happened –

English white ball skipper Jos Buttler, wasn’t too pleased when the entire controversial incident happened at Lords. Buttler was asked what he felt about the incident to which he said “no, I am calling the batsman back. No one wants to see them in the game because they always create such a talking point when it should be about the battle between bat and ball and watching great game of cricket. They always seem to happen at unsavory times”. Buttler has twice been out to this mode of dismissal, once to Sri Lankan spinner Senanayake and 2nd time during IPL 2019 to Ashwin.

Journalist calls out Jos Buttler’s claims –

One man who doesn’t agree with what Jos Buttler thinks is Peter Della Penna a noted journalist. The scribe took to twitter to blast the English white ball skipper for his claims on a legitimate mode of dismissal. The journalist lambasted the English skipper and said the reason why Buttler doesn’t like the rule is because he is the biggest abuser of leaving the crease early.

Peter Della Penna launches a fierce attack –

Responding to the quote of Buttler which was carried on ESPN CRICINFO, the scribe wrote on Twitter “Translation: When Senanayake did it to me it made me upset, I didn’t learn my lesson. Ashwin did it to me a few years later it made me even more upset, I’ll be even more upset if it happens to me a 3rd time. I don’t like being out that way so please don’t upset me”. Mr. Peter Della Penna didn’t stop there as he launched a fierce attack on Buttler for him leaving the crease early time and again.

Journalist shows instances of Buttler leaving the crease early –

Mr. Peter Della Penna wasn’t going to leave the conversation die down so soon. He started an entire thread on Twitter where he exposed Jos Buttler. The English captain has a tendency to leave the crease early. Mr. Penna showed the instance of Buttler doing the same during the 2022 season of the 100. The scribe wrote on Twitter “Here we go again, could this be the reason why Jos Buttler is not in favor of “you” running him out at the non-strikers end? Because even after it happening to him twice, he still leaves early virtually every ball. these are the first four balls from his most recent innings.

The only time Buttler doesn’t leave the crease is –

The journalist in question Mr. Peter Della Penna claimed, Buttler doesn’t leave the crease only when he is confident about the batter at the strikers end has the ability to hit the big shots. He showed an example of Andre Russell was the batter and Buttler did not leave his crease early to support his claim.