Updated: Aug 30, 2022, 13:43 IST

Pakistani journalist insults Rohit Sharma and gets schooled by Pakistani fans


Rohit Sharma has a legion of fans and is widely loved for his stroke playing over the 15 year old career so far for India. Rohit made his debut in 2007 for India and was part of the team which won the world T20 in 2007. He scored an amazing half century in the do or die game against South Africa. Since then he has come a long way after some setbacks in his career. Rohit has become the best ever white ball player alongside Kohli and amassed mountain of runs.
The story as it happened –
One Pakistani journalist by the name of Arfa Feroze Zake courted controversy on Sunday. The journalist in question took a classless aim at Rohit Sharma the Indian captain during the game between India and Pakistan. The 35 year old Indian skipper scored 12 off 18 balls after finding it difficult to get going with the bat in pursuit of 148 to win. The journalist came out and tweeted “Rohit Sharma looks like a club cricketer in front of Pakistan. Rohit Sharma is a total waste for India when it comes to playing against Pakistan”.


Pakistani fans slam the journalist –
The distasteful tweet by the Pakistani scribe had his own fans angry as they slammed him on twitter. One fan said that even Babar got out to a medium pacer when he got a short ball on a difficult wicket to bat. While another fan called the journalist a hater who was trying to stir trouble, and called for other fans to ignore such people. A third fan said just because Pakistan won one game by ten wickets doesn’t mean anything against India as the men in blue have enjoyed the upper hand over the men in green. Fourth fan reminded the scribe of the 140 Rohit had scored during the 2019 world cup.
Pakistani journalist shows sour grapes after the loss –
It seems the schooling the Pakistani journalist got at the hands of his own people did not deter him from spreading more vile and hate. The journalist in question post the end of the game tweeted “India would have never won the match had luck not favored them”