Jun 25, 2022, 19:13 IST

Virat Kohli stood up for the young emerging player in a heroic style


The former Indian captain Virat Kohli is famous for his aggression.But on social media, he is always seen backing his teammates.

This time it was seen when Kamlesh Nagarkoti faced the same criticism from the audience. The audience were continuously abusing the young player, and Kohli stood up and immediately confronted the people in Leicestershire during India’s ongoing warm-up match.


In the video, Kohli was seen shutting up the crowd in the heroic style.

Earlier, Kohli also stood him on the social media when Mohammad Shami faced a backlash when his performance was not upto the match against Pakistan.People were blaming his religion for his bad performance. At that time, he came as a big brother and stood up for the fast pacer player.