Jan 12, 2023, 16:39 IST

Watch! Hardik Pandya caught abusing his team mate on the stump mic yet again


Indian cricketers are huge role models for the upcoming boys and girls who want to play for India. Every move and every step taken on and off the field by their idols are closely followed by the impressionable minds. This is the reason why, many cricketers try to be as civil on and off the field with their moves being followed across.

Hardik Pandya caught abusing yet again โ€“

Indian all rounder Hardik Pandya has been regaling fans with his cricketing skills with the bat and ball in recent times. During the 2nd ODI versus Sri Lanka the 29 year old was again caught doing something shocking on the stump mic. The 29 year old was heard yelling โ€œpaani manga tha last over g**d Marwa rahe ho udharโ€. One is not sure whom this was directed at as only Pandyaโ€™s voice was heard on the stump mic.

Not the first time Hardik Pandya has been caught abusing โ€“

This is not the 1st time Hardik Pandya has been caught abusing on the field of play. It happened twice in the middle of 2022. First during the T20 game against Ireland where he was seen losing his cool. The second was during the tour of England, where he could be having a go at this team mate. These instances made a lot of headlines as far as Pandyaโ€™s behavior was concerned.

Pandya seen as the next captain โ€“

Gujarat Titans made a sensational IPL debut when they won the title under the leadership of Hardik Pandya. This earned the man from Baroda the chance to lead India in recent times. Hardik Pandya has recently been named the Indian vice captain in the T20 and ODI formats of the game. Hardik led the side to a 2-1 series win in the recent T20 series against Sri Lanka.

Twitter reacts โ€“

Indian fans werenโ€™t happy with the abuse by Hardik Pandya and took to Twitter to lambast the 29 year old for his antics. You can read all the tweets which is embedded below.