Dec 9, 2022, 19:23 IST

Watch! Umpiring howlers leave fans unimpressed on day one of the 2ndΒ test between Pakistan and England


Cricket has seen the usage of technology for a while now, it has been over 14 year since the Decision Review System came into being. The entire idea behind this was to help the umpires on the field make the right decision.

The 2nd test between Pakistan and England which began on Friday saw a few howlers steal the limelight. The umpires on the field of play were two of the most well known and respected names in Marais Erasmus of South Africa and Aleem Dar of Pakistan.

When Joel Wilson had a laugh –

England were 145/2 from 24 overs with Joe Root batting on 8 to debutant Abrar Ahmed who had taken the first 2 wickets. The former English skipper played back to a ball coming in as the home team went up for a huge appeal. Aleem Dar did not seem interested to give it out but the Pakistanis went up for the appeal none the less.

The whole drama unfolded when Joel Wilson the 3rd umpire was waiting for the ultra edge to check if there was any deviation from the bat. The entire process took a whole while as the wait became longer. This even got a chuckle out of the 3rd umpire Joel Wilson at the delay caused.

Joe Root seen unhappy with the delay caused –

The entire process to check the wicket of Joe Root nearly took over 2 minutes. This caused an unwanted hold up in play. The verdict finally came in favor of the home team as Root was given out LBW for 8.

The former English skipper wasn’t best pleased with the delay that was caused as he made his slow walk back to the pavilion. The entire ordeal lasted for nearly 3 minutes as Michael Atherton made a note of this on air.

Ollie Pope has Erasmus on the pump –

South African umpire Marais Erasmus is known to be one of the best umpires in the world. Erasmus though made a huge mistake during the 1st days play at Multan when he wrongly adjudged Ollie Pope out LBW.

The incident took place early when Zahid Mahmood struck Pope on the pads when the batter went for a reverse sweep. The batter was quick to go up for the DRS and it could be seen that the ball had struck the gloves of the batter. The decision came in favor of Pope as he was given not out as the Pakistani skipper was seen laughing.

Twitter reacts –

The cricket fans took to twitter to have their say on the gaffes committed and you can read all the tweets below.