Updated: Jul 3, 2022, 17:08 IST

Watch! Virat Kohli sledge Jonny Bairstow during the India versus England test match


The 5th and final rescheduled test match between India and England has caught steam. After the sly exchange of words between Jadeja and Anderson at the end day 2, there is a new battle brewing. The battle in question is between Bairstow and Kohli as the two were seen having a few words with each other on day 3. The altercation, though began on day two between the two players which has now come to light.

The story as it happened –

Virat Kohli has always known to be feisty while on the cricket field, as the former India captain is known to not pull back on his punches. The entire exchange started when Kohli welcome Bairstow with a cheeky little comment on day two when the 31 year old came out to bat. Kohli heard was heard on the stump mic saying Little bit faster than Southee, eh?"The jibe came after Bairstow was finding it tough to face Shami who was swinging and seaming the ball. Bairstow has had a torrid time against Shami historically.


The battle continues on day 3-

After exchange on day two there was video of Kohli and Bairstow hugging each other while going back to the hut during a rain break, early on day 3 Kohli and Bairstow were back at it as they exchanged words. Kohli made his way to Bairstow and was seen saying something. Bairstow responded in kind, and Kohli made his way back to the slips. The umpires stepped in and calmed the situation between the two players. Bairstow wasn’t happy about something and Kohli put his finger on his lips, as if to tell Bairstow to not talk much and continue to bat.


Huge stand for England –

England will be looking to Stokes and Bairstow to do something they did against NZ just a few weeks ago. The Indian bowling will look to dislodge the pair and take a huge lead going into the 2nd half of the final test. You can watch the videos and the pics embedded here.