Aug 17, 2022, 22:13 IST

Watch! Yuvraj Singh posts an exciting video of himself back in action as fans speculate


Indian cricket has seen many match winners in international cricket, but Yuvraj Singh enjoys a special status. The 40 year old from Punjab retired from the game 3 years ago, but during his near 17 run with Indian cricket the left hander had given many memories to the Indian cricket fans. Yuvraj played a huge role in the 2007 world T20 title win and 4 years later made a telling contribution during the 2011 world cup title win. Yuvraj who played the tournament despite battling cancer, was the cornerstone of the 28 year jinx being broken.

Yuvraj back in action –

Yuvraj Singh was last seen on the field of play during the Road Safety World Series for India in the team captained by Sachin Tendulkar. Yuvraj recently took to social media to post a short video of himself batting. The strokes and the sound the ball made when the left hander was batting bought back nostalgia for many fans. Yuvraj posted a 79 second video where he could be seen batting and hitting the ball sweetly across the field and there was even a reverse sweep that was played by the left hander.

The Warrior is back –

Yuvraj Singh took to his Twitter account and posted a video of himself playing cricket but also showing the preparation behind it. The 79 second video began with Yuvraj saying “The warrior is back”. Yuvraj after batting for a bit took a break and said “meri toh saans hi nahi aa rahi hai batting karke”. The video then went ahead and Yuvi could be heard saying “maine kaha thodi cricket ki bhi practice karni hai, yeh na jo jab tournament aaye toh”. Yuvraj posted the entire video on twitter and captioned it by saying “didn’t do too bad did i? super excited for what’s coming up”

Yuvraj’s likely comeback tournament revealed?

Yuvraj Singh isn’t part of the Sourav Ganguly led team which is to take on the World Giants in a exhibition match which is to be played in Kolkata on September 15th. It is speculated that Yuvraj Singh could make himself available for the UAE T20 league or even the South African T20 league which is to be played early next year. Both the leagues have a huge IPL presence with many of the IPL teams buying stakes in the teams of both the leagues. One thing is for certain though, the return of the stylish left hander will have a lot of fans excited.