Jul 10, 2023, 17:10 IST

Indian Cricket: BCCI set to bring in new rule changes likely to impact IPL 2024


The Indian domestic season has begun with the Duleep Trophy 2023 season which is being played in Bangalore. The tournament’s final game will see South Zone take on West Zone for the title. The domestic teams will then get ready for a huge season of cricket with the season ending with the Ranji Trophy and the Irani Trophy. With a huge domestic season  ahead the BCCI is scheduled to hold a meeting where they could announce a few more rule changes, which could also impact the 2024 season of TATA Indian Premier League.

The story so far –

Syed Mushtaq Ali 2022 was used as the ground to test the impact player rule. The change was seen in IPL as well as the Impact Player rule change was welcomed by every player and expert during the course of the tournament. Syed Mushtaq Ali 2023 could also witness some new rule changes as the richest cricket body in the world could announce some radical new rule changes.

A chance for bowlers to have bigger say-

One of the biggest rule changes that could be seen during the SMAT 2023 season is the usage of two bouncers. Many players and experts have said that T20 is unfairly biased towards the batters. The BCCI could have this changed as they are keen to introduce the two bouncers per over rule.

The BCCI put out a press release which read “The BCCI has decided to introduce two bouncer per over in the upcoming Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy to balance the contest between Bat and Ball”

Slight change in the Impact player rule –

The much talked about Impact Player rule is also set to see a slight change. Earlier, the teams had to use the Impact Player before the 14th over in the 2022 season of Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament. The rule was scrapped during the IPL 2023 season where a team could name their impact player at any point in the game. The BCCI further added in the release “the teams will have to select their playing XI with 4 substitute players before the toss. The teams can use the impact player at any time during the match”