May 6, 2023, 23:01 IST

IPL 2023: Watch! Mohammad Siraj at it yet again as tempers flare in the Delhi vs Bangalore game


Royal Challengers Bangalore came into the game on Saturday against Delhi Capitals on the back of a huge cloud. Bangalore based outfit had beaten Lucknow on Monday, but the whole game became famous for the fights that took place in the game. Virat Kohli was in the middle of the storm after his fights with Naveen Ul Haq, Amit Mishra and Gautam Gambhir. If one thought the RCB players may have learnt their lesson it wasn’t the case as we saw on Saturday.

The story as it happened –

Mohammad Siraj was a key part of the start of the entire chain of events on Monday against Lucknow. The 29 year old was at it yet again, this time against Phil Salt in the 5th over of the innings. Salt had hit Siraj for back to sixes and followed it up with a four.

The 4th ball was called a wide by the umpires for height. Once the decision was given the bowler and batter were seen having a word with each other. The visuals looked rather serious as Siraj and Salt were seen having a shouting match.

Warner joins the fray as situations gets serious –

Once the replays came on the screen it was seen that Salt had said something with a smile on his face. Siraj for some reason was taking his anger out for being thrashed around the park. The Indian bowler was seen wagging his finger at Salt as even David Warner came in the middle. This did not cool down Siraj who later was dragged away by Faf Du Plessis after the umpires came to cool down the situation.

Siraj’s part in the fracas versus Lucknow –

Naveen Ul Haq who isn’t known for his batting was in the middle of a partnership with Amit Mishra. It is at this point that Siraj was seen bowling bouncers at high pace to the Afghanistan player. Siraj was also seen eyeballing the Afghan player and was the reason the entire fight started.