May 7, 2023, 20:05 IST

IPL 2023: Watch! Rashid Khan’s stunning catch to get rid of Kyle Mayers

Ahmedabad stadium on Sunday saw its home team Gujarat Titans post yet another easy win. After sweeping past to an easy win over Rajasthan Royals a few days ago, Hardik Pandya and his men beat Lucknow by 56 runs. The win meant Hardik Pandya’s side Gujarat Titans now sit pretty at the top of the table and is expected to be one of the two teams to play the first play-off games.

Kyle Mayers punishes Gujarat bowlers –

There was visible concern in the faces of the fans the Narendra Modi Stadium at Ahmedabad on Sunday afternoon. Despite scoring 227/2 from their 20 overs, the Titans were pushed on the backfoot. This was due to the sizzling stroke play exhibited by Kyle Mayers. The West Indian has been in terrific form this entire season and had scored 48 off the 88 runs the openers scored in just 8.2 overs.

Rashid Khan takes a sensational catch –

The first wicket of the day came when Mohit Sharma bowled a slower ball. Mayers went for a huge shot only to mistime the ball. Rashid Khan ran a long way as he dived forward to complete the catch. The entire Gujarat Titans flanked the Afghanistan player as he provided a huge breakthrough on the field of play.

Easy win for Gujarat Titans –

Hardik Pandya and his side now have played 11 games and have got to 16 points and are just one win away from a place in the final 4. The team won by 56 runs as Hardik Pandya won the battle of brothers over his elder brother Krunal. Lucknow too has played 11 games and has 11 points.

The next matches for both the teams –

Gujarat Titans next face off against Mumbai Indians on Friday. The final two games for Gujarat is against Hyderabad and Bangalore. Lucknow on the other hand face Hyderabad next before taking on Mumbai and finishing their campaign against Kolkata. Lucknow need to win all their games and make sure the other results go their way in a bid to make their 2nd successive playoff appearance.