Feb 12, 2023, 17:15 IST

Watch! Amazing catch in local tournament has Sachin Tendulkar excited


India is really the place where cricket is treated as a religion. During the 1st test match, Matthew Hayden made a comment about Indian fans passion for the game. The former left handed opener made a comment about every nook and corner of Indian having one game of cricket going on. That is true in essence as the Indian team and its players are placed on the pedestal as Demi-Gods. While million dream of playing the game at highest level. There is only 11 who can make the Indian team.

An amazing catch which has gone viral

In India there is a lot of local tournaments which is organized by various institutions local, district or political. During one such tournament which was played with the tennis ball, one particular moment has gone viral.

In a 41 second video which has gone viral, bowler bowls a long hop delivery at a batter who goes for a slog sweep. The fielder in the boundary takes a perfect catch only to throw it before  crossing over the powdered boundary line.

Fielder’s football skills helps get a wicket –

Just as the fielder saw the boundary line was near, he threw the ball in the air. The ball was past the boundary. In what was a perfect bicycle kick Ala Cristiano Ronaldo, the fielder got the ball back into play. The kick back into the field saw the ball land into the hand of another fielder stationed at the boundary.

Sachin Tendulkar and Michael Vaughan go bananas over the catch –

Indian cricket maestro Sachin Tendulkar took to Twitter and lauded the catch. The Mumbai maestro wrote β€œthis is what happens when you bring a guy who also knows how to play football”. Former English skipper Michael Vaughan wrote β€œsurely the greatest catch of all time”


All the bicycle kick needed was the Zinedine Zidane expression when CR7 scored that goal in Turin.